The US Congress is NO Think Tank Let Me Tell You

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Many voters and citizens are duped into believing that their US congressmen and women are somehow super intellectuals and in a way they might have some higher intelligence if they are able to fool that many people. However, under close scrutiny the U.S. Congress is no think tank, let me tell you. In fact, I am not the first person to notice nor the first person to write that fact.

Although the US Congress members are indeed good at juggling many different aspects of their job and floating with public opinion to keep those jobs or trying to satisfy the public and the lobbyists in order to get the money needed to spend in advertising to keep those jobs; still these members are not worthy of any think tank.

Master manipulators of the human species are generally considered of higher IQ, but the fact is if we look at the performance of the U.S. Congress all we see is that perpetual use of the law of unintended consequences as the podium pushers produce problem-solving laws, which do nothing more than create greater problems down the road for the next Congress.

If the U.S. Congress is not smart enough to make the laws one has to ask why we elect them. Certainly they are smart enough to know that they are too dumb to do their jobs and therefore they spend most of their time trying to fake us out and pose as intellectuals. The big dilemma is do you hire an incompetent congressman or a crooked one? The results are generally similar, as you get really bad legislation either way.

It would seem to me that the greatest nation ever created in the history of mankind can do better than this. It is amazing that the United States Congress will not hire non-partisan think tanks to help them with their decision-making because the record shows that the U.S. Congress does nothing very well, except spend our money. And if you think I'm being too harsh re-read this article and you will find several Ronald Reagan quotes within it.

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The US Congress is NO Think Tank Let Me Tell You

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This article was published on 2010/04/04
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