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Congress is not working, and that is chiefly due to the fact that its reelection rate is 98%. Why should they rock their boat when they always get reelected?

Major national issues such as our need for energy remain unaddressed, while gasoline approaches $5/gal. Russia, Venezuela, China, et al, are all rushing to fill the demand at our expense. To solve this coming energy crisis, Congress could simply vote to remove its restrictions on domestic drilling in ANWR, off our coasts, our shale in the Rockies, on nuclear power, etc. And stop pushing foolish inefficient bio-fuels!

But they won't, because our special interest groups, particularly the 'greens' and the far left, who fund their reelection campaigns, and the giant farm corporations who want ethanol crops, would be upset. On the other hand, the American people, who are being hurt by gas prices and the resulting economic slowdown, are confused, unorganized, and don't know what to do.

We, the majority of the American people, need to get organized to protect ourselves.

Any idiot can see that America is its own worst enemy in deliberately not producing its own fossil fuel energy which we have in abundance. Except the idiots in Congress!

And any idiot can see that the American voter is his own worst enemy because he continually reelects the idiot Congress which is preventing America from producing its own energy.

The solution: In 2008, the American people need to electorally slaughter the Congress on both sides of the aisle with a one-time landslide turnover to show Congress who is boss!

We are fed up and we are not gonna take it anymore! We are gonna stop reelecting them!

What we need is a popular uprising, such as a 'Do Not Reelect Any Congressman' campaign, which will inflict wholesale damage on the incumbency in Congress, to show them that the American people are still in charge, NOT the special interests.

So let's throw them all out! At least once in 2008, and maybe again in 2010, 2012, and 2014.
That'll learn 'em!

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Show Congress Who is Boss!

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This article was published on 2010/04/04
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