Rahul Gandhi puts emphasis on the dignity of the Congress party over power…

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Congress General Secretary Rahul Gandhi said that Congress party would not bow its head for the sake of saving the alliance in any part of the state. He clarified the stance of his party that an alliance with Trinamool Congress Chief Mamata Banerjee for the next year's Assembly elections in West Bengal would go on without any hiccup.

Congress General Secretary told at a media conference that Congress would never compromise on the issue of dignity, saying "We have a partnership with Trinamool Congress in West Bengal. We are going to hold hands with Mamata Banerjee. She is a senior leader. She has worked with my father. I respect her. However, we are not going to bow our heads. We will do whatever we do with dignity and respect

He faced a number of questions on the subject in the wake of his remarks on an alliance with respect during his tour of the state last two days.

However, he hoped that the alliance with the Trinamool Congress will go on, saying "we respect her and we will continue to have that partnership. If we have partnership, it should be a partnership with respect. I have said this everywhere. We have partnerships in many states." Driving his point home further, he said, "Nothing has gone wrong with our party's association with the Trinmool. And I have not been asserting this for two days I have been asserting this since I have been in politics. Fortunately or unfortunately I don't work for the CPM  or the Trinmool, I work for the Congress Party. And it is the organization that I am responsible to."

When a reporter asked him what he meant by respect, Rahul Gandhi replied, "I don't think anybody needs to explain to Bengali people what respect is; they understand very well the definition of respect.."

When a reporter drew his attention asking that Banerjee was critical of Central government policies, Congress General Secretary Rahul Gandhi said, "To say that she has been opposing every UPA (United Progressive Alliance) policy is unfair. She has been opposing a few policies. She has a right of opinion. We are a different party. We are sensitive to differences."

Elaborating a little, he stressed that differences of opinion was a part of democracy. "We don't have any problem with differences of opinion. Congress is a large party. We have differences there also. Differences of opinion and disrespect are two different things," he said.

Amethi MP Rahul Gandhi, however, said that the views of the Congress and Trinamool Congress were similar, saying "in general ours and Trinamool Congress' views are similar. We and the Trinamool Congress both fight for the interest of the poor."

Reiterating that Congress was in partnership with Mamata Banerjee and this partnership will continue to go on, he said, "We will together fight the Left Front in Bengal. Left Front is the biggest problem in Bengal.

Repeating his statement of 6th September when he visited Bengal on one-day tour and lashed down at the present government in the state, he said, "There is a Bengal of Left Front where you can beat anybody, kill anybody and steal anything from anybody. Another Bengal is for the Bengalis."

He said the CPI(M) was blinded by a dead ideology, which has failed worldwide, including Cuba. "Even the Chinese are astounded about what is happening in West Bengal. When I go to China they ask me, what is happening in West Bengal. These are not small leaders, they are the senior leaders. The energy of West Bengal has been tied by this ideology," Congress General Secretary added.

"What Bengal needs today is to get back to the path of development. I still believe the old saying that "Bengal sochta hai Hindustan karta hai" (what Bengal thinks today, India does tomorrow)" he said, adding "but in the last 33 years it has been nullified by the ruling CPM. They have created two Bengals- one is for the Cadres of CPM and one is for the poor..."

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Rahul Gandhi puts emphasis on the dignity of the Congress party over power…

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This article was published on 2010/09/27
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