Rahul Gandhi is on a 3 day Youth Congress membership drive to Madhya Pradesh

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Congress General Secretary Rahul Gandhi is on a 3 day Youth Congress membership drive to Madhya Pradesh. At Tikamragh Rahul Gandhi said that if you want to put an end to the interference of  musclemen & local goons in Bundelkhand you will have to join the Youth Congress.The Central package for Bundelkhand  is being monitored but the BJP is into corruption, which we have to stop.


At Sheopur  while interacting  with students he asked "Here, who all  believes in Chamachagiri-please raise your hands".Further he said that if you want to have an organization which is not gripped by "Chamachagiri" you need to have a fair election. And for this election every member will have to get receipt worth Rs. 15. Educated and intelligent youth should come forward in Politics.


Elaborating on the organizational election Congress General Secretary said, "If you need your organisation , you need an election . In India 70% of the youth are below 40 years of age.


They don't get place in politics. Neither BJP nor Congress, nor Samajwadi, nor the BSP and almost none of the Political parties have given proper representation to the youth in Politics.


"To ensure free and fair process with no space for any kind of discrimination, we have introduced a system to this effect, so that those keen to join politics and have clean backgrounds, get inducted in NSUI and YC," elaborated Congress General Secretary.Citing the case of Tamil Nadu, he said in the organizational election for YC, about 1,000 activists, enrolled after fair scrutiny, are taking part.

"We have opened the doors of both NSUI and YC, for all those keen to enter politics and have no criminal past. Also, by doing so, we are providing an opportunity to all those who are having no connections or friends in political corridors, which till recently has been the major factor for entry," remarked Congress General Secretary Rahul Gandhi.

Delving further on the system for the process to strengthen the organizational structures of both NSUI and YC, he said that an NGO has been formed which is being managed by former election commissioner J.M. Lyngdoh and K J Rao. Only after due certification from these two former election commissioners about candidature, a person is allowed to contest the organizational election of NSUI and YC, said Congress General Secretary.

To a question that distance between the politics and the youth in the country is widening, Congress General Secretary Rahul Gandhi said that it was not true. He cited the case of Tamil Nadu and said before membership drive there were only about 30,000 to 40,000 members of YC in the state and now, the same has gone up to around 15 lakhs.

"For the past one-and- half year, we are in the process of introducing a system for free and fair elections for our frontal organizations, NSUI and YC. It has been a complex exercise as we  experienced in Punjab, Gujarat and Puducherry and Tamil Nadu but we have put forward our best efforts to eliminate those flaws, to ensure free and fair process of induction of members into these two frontal outfits of our party," added Congress General Secretary Rahul Gandhi, who remarked no
other political parties are doing  so.

Sometime ago, there was a viewpoint that in three months' time, organizational election for the YC in the country could be managed, he said. "I said no, as it would entail corruption, as it requires a
proper  system for the process to take place," remarked Congress General Secretary Rahul Gandhi to the media persons.

" So, if someone asks me for an organizational election for the Congress party, I would say no, as the need first is to put in place a system for conducting such exercise, with planning and proper
management,"  elaborated Congress General Secretary Rahul Gandhi.

Every five years, we have elections in the country but no political parties, have any elections for their respective organizational set-ups, he said, adding that only NSUI and YC of the Congress conduct
free and fair organizational  elections.


Congress General Secretary after Sheopur went to Tikamgarh and then to Rewa. On 5th October he will interact with students at Baitul, Sendhwa& Ujjain. On the last day that is 6th October 2010 he'll interact with the media at Bhopal.

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Rahul Gandhi is on a 3 day Youth Congress membership drive to Madhya Pradesh

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    - 2010/10/09 00:25:11 am

    Unlike the Indians who claim honour and position on no other basis than their birth and blood relations, Rahul Gandhi,is qualifying himself by strenuous studies, travel, and interaction with others!In Tamilnadu the Youth congress membership had been just 30,000 and due to his tours and persuasion the tally has gone uopto 15 lakhs! Further,he has brought many changes in the Youth congress! Flattery has been abandoned and hard work and solid results have been made the criteria for promotions!He wants to keep it free of "fanatics and fundamentalists" away frm it. In that context he equated RSS with SIMI!Anon sangh parivar leaders have attacked him in quite indecent manner. Rahul is described as a "hit" on"Facebook. he has 67,921 followers which is considered as the largest for any leader in the coutry in social networking site!BJP guns make remarks which appear ridculous in this context.SIMI was banned when Advani was the Home Minister in BJP led NDA govt.RSS was first banned in 1948 and again in 1975.Recently. it was found that Malegaon blast and ither blasts in mosques and dargah were the handiwork of sangh parivar members.One Sadhvi, one Swami and a colonel in the army have been arrested for making and causing serial blasts in many places! Also it was unearthed that they had planned to destablize the "Secular polity" with the help of Israel!"Concealing truth and confounding truth with false hood might have succeeded earlier, but now they will fail!

This article was published on 2010/10/04
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